In-Home Tech Support and IT Consulting

Kick back and relax – we do house calls.


Setup A New Device

Getting a new computer or mobile device is exciting – until you have to set it up. We transfer files, programs, and settings between your devices, give lessons on navigating a new operating system, and do everything we can to ensure a smooth transition. In addition to computers, we can set up a new printer, WiFi network, smart home device, universal remote, TV, and many other devices.

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Fix Something That Isn't Working 

Rather than spend hours on the phone with someone halfway around the world, let Casatech service your computer, TV, WiFi, mobile device, printer, and more in the comfort of your own home. If a phone call to your service provider is needed, we'll handle it along with any troubleshooting steps to get service restored. If your device can't be repaired (or it's not economical to do so), we'll advise you on a replacement and set it up so you don't miss a beat.


Learn To Do More With Your Tech

We're experts in tech education. Casatech serves clients of all ages and levels of computer literacy. We can make technology more accessible if you or your loved one has a visual impairment or difficulty remembering instructions. We can increase the size of text on the screen, recommend alternative programs that are easy to use, provide accessible hardware (such as enlarged-type keyboards) and create custom written guides. 



For big projects or matters concerning hardware, in-person support is essential. But for smaller questions and software issues, remote support is available. We use software to securely connect to your computer and help you get un-stuck.

Learn more about remote support.