In-Home Support

Computer Repair & Support

We provide setup, repair, and ongoing maintenance for Mac and PC desktop and laptop computers. Services include file backups, hard drive replacement, software solutions, internet account management, virus prevention/removal, and more.

Networks, WiFi, & Smart Home

We offer setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting of ethernet, traditional WiFi and mesh networks. We install printers, smart lights, cameras, Google Home assistant, Amazon Echo, and Sonos speakers.

TV & Home Theater

Turn your entertainment up a notch with TV mounting, home theater setup and troubleshooting, universal remote setup, wireless headphones, and more.

Smartphone & Tablet

Help with email, contacts, pictures, calendars, accounts, bluetooth, and other apps for iOS and Android.

Data Recovery Services

We handle simple software-based data recovery in-house. For complex recovery, we partner with Drivesavers to restore data on damaged hard drives.

Tech Lesson / Accessibility

We're experts in tech education. Casatech serves clients of all ages, abilities, and levels of computer literacy.


Remote Computer Support

As much as we love making house calls, sometimes there's a better way to solve tech problems. Remote support allows us to use software to control your computer as if we were in the room. Unlike other companies, our remote technicians are the same folks that come to your home. We don’t outsource, ever.

Ask A Computer Question

If your question can be addressed in a few clicks, it doesn't make sense to pay for an in-home visit. That's why we provide remote support. Watch in amazement as our technicians use secure software to control your computer from afar. Remote support is a quick and convenient way to resolve computer questions.

Fix A Software Issue

If you're experiencing an issue with a program, operating system, or computer performance, we can often take care of the issue remotely. Look on as we get your computer back into action.

Remote Computer Lesson

Supplement in-person lessons with remote support. Whether you need a quick refresher or you want to learn something new, remote support and coaching is a great way to develop your computer literacy.

Computer Maintenance

Keep your computer purring with regular maintenance. Software updates, cleanup of unnecessary files, backups, and virus protection/removal can all be handled remotely.

Emergency Support

With response time as low as 5 minutes (pending availability), you can count on Casatech to address urgent computer software issues and questions.

Website Maintenance

If Casatech built your website on Squarespace, we can make changes to your site structure and content with a remote session.