You Probably Pay Too Much For TV and Internet

Here's how to do something about it.


First, Find Out What You Pay 

Locate a recent cable / internet / phone bill. Use a paper statement or your online account. You can also call your service provider(s).



Spectrum (Formerly Time Warner)


Using multiple providers? You could save by bundling services.

Recent Bill Increase?

If your bill jumped up in the past several months, you probably reached the end of your promotional package. Your service provider charges the full list price for unbundled individual services, so it’s important to make sure you’re taking advantage of the promotions in your area instead of paying for your services individually.

If you’re paying full price for your services, call your service provider and ask about promotions in your area. Feel free to say no to their recommendations and insist that they only discuss promotions that include the channels / speed / features that interest you. Don’t be afraid to deny the first promotions they offer – those often involve upgrading your services and may not bring meaningful savings.

Remember to be nice! Call center reps are people and will respond better if you're polite, but it's okay to be firm and direct.

Bundling and Promotions Will Save You Money

If you only have internet, it might make sense to add cable TV in order to reduce your monthly bill. Though it seems counterintuitive, sometimes this makes sense, especially when dealing with Comcast. For example, high speed internet may cost $89.99, but the same internet with basic cable might have a promotion for $59.99. Even after the added broadcast fees, it still can make sense to get a basic cable package even if you never use it.

Commitment-free promotions from the big companies last between 6 and 12 months. Find out the full price after taxes before you agree to anything. Make sure to note on your calendar a month before your promotion expires so you don’t get stuck paying the full list price for your services.

Lock-In For a Lower Rate

You may be able to lock in a lower rate for up to 24 months by committing to a service contract. If you don't expect to move and the price is good, it may be worth it to save an additional $10-$20 per month. Beware of Early Termination Feesthese will kick in if you cancel all of your services before the contract is up.

Ask For Customer Retention

Finally, if the call isn't going your way, you can ask for the Customer Retention department, which may offer better promotions. Just be careful: if you threaten to cancel every time they might call your bluff.

Bonus tip:

Stop renting a modem from your service provider. Buy your own (it usually pays for itself in under a year).

Good luck lowering your rates! 

If you want help negotiating with your internet, TV, or phone service provider, contact Casatech today.