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Working with Casatech is absolutely one of the best business decisions we've made. The support is phenomenal - very quick response time and every tech difficulty has been fully resolved. There have been many occasions we've asked Micah to work with our clients and/or vendors, and we've been delighted with his professionalism, sensitivity to our work, and ability to navigate the online platforms we use daily. Casatech provides exceptional service that's not only reliable, but routinely goes the extra mile to offer solutions that allow us to seamlessly deliver our services.

   Barb N. (Google)

Micah was excellent- very professional, efficient and knowledgeable.

Robby C. (Amazon Home Services)


Highly recommend! Recently helped me with internet access, and then with problems with my laptop. Very happy with this company!

Joan D. (Nextdoor)


Micah and Mitchell have both been extremely helpful to me and my small business. Initially, they built me a beautiful new website to replace my tired, aging, original version, and then, they taught me personally how to make small updates and changes on the site as-needed without having to call in technical support.
Most recently, they have worked with me to solve technical problems in my business as they have come up which has allowed me to work both more efficiently, and, to keep business flowing effectively. I trust and rely on Casatech services frequently and view them as an important part of my company’s support team. I highly recommend this company and have referred a number of my clients their way!

Lisa P. (Google)

Casatech is a godsend. Micah has helped my parents with their computer issues - which were not all operator error! He explains in layman's terms, and they now have much better understanding, and someone who comes the them when trouble arises - like a non-functional internet provider! Highly recommend Casatech!!

Susan K. (Google)


I highly recommend Micah & the Casatech team to anyone looking for help with computers and set up. Micah replied to emails and questions quickly and researched what the best options would be for our small business and how we use our computers. He was awesome to work with and took the time to explain each step to us and make sure we understood everything. His remote software is a great tool for quick questions and easy fixes!

Jessica E. (Google)


I was having a difficult time troubleshooting my home network. I found casatech and called and spoke with Micah. He listened to my situation, all of the annoying details, didn't blink in fact offered what would be the perfect solution for my needs. He arrived for his appointment on time and began the process of updating my internet setup.
This is where he shined to me aside from being wholly professional and caring.
We needed to speak with my provider to initialize the update, many of you know how much of a pain this process can be. Not only did he guide me along but FOUGHT for what was fair. Maintained his politeness, utilized his experience to deftly navigate the many needless hoops and for once I felt like a customer and not a slave to my provider. This is something that to me goes above and beyond, he didn't have to go as far as he did to get me the best outcome but he did. Needless to say, this is my tech guy going forward. He's smart, capable, professional and he CARES. 5 Stars.

Andrew F. (Yelp)


My laptop dropped flat on its head breaking its hard disk and damaging its body. The laptop wouldn't restart, I had crucial deadlines to meet, and very few vendors were available on a Sunday evening. I decided to try out Casatech from Yelp and did I hit the jackpot! Micah, UMich graduate and owner of Casatech, agreed to get the laptop working and he worked 7 hours straight to fruitfully deliver on it!

After discussing the problem on phone, I took my laptop to Micah. First, he tried various ways to retrieve the data through regular methods--it didn't work. Next, he tried out more specialized but risky diagnostics--and discovered a more serious damage to the disk. The needle that reads the magnetic disk had been broken or bent. He straight up explained that he won't be able to retrieve the data from this level of damage and recommended data recovery specialist for the recovery. All along the way, he patiently explained the risks involved and answered all my 101 queries.

The next course of action was getting the laptop to work again. It needed replacing the hard disk, which was a time-consuming process. I left the laptop with Micah to work on. He ran to Best Buy at 8 on a Sunday night to buy an equipment, which he didn't have at home at that time. After some time, he returned a working laptop at my home and worked with me to ensure that all the important software I needed were working. So, after a 7-hour continuous work stretch, my laptop's hard disk was successfully replaced and it was working again--for $265, including the new 128 GB SSD hard disk. I know where I am heading to next time my laptop is in a pickle and I highly recommend Casatech, if knowledgeable, trustworthy, affordable, and super customer friendly IT service is what you are looking for.

Muzna F. (Yelp)


My husband and I are not computer savvy, so when we were duped by a hacker we panicked! luckily we contacted Micah from Casatech he reassured us everything would be alright. He came over and fixed the problem guiding us step by step answerng all of our questions with patients. He was great, he knew what he was doing, and was a very polite young man. Would use his services again!!

Steve H. (Yelp)