Remote Computer Support


Download TeamViewer, our secure remote access program.

As much as we love making house calls, sometimes there's a better way to solve tech problems. Remote support allows us to use software to control your computer as if we were in the room.

Unlike other companies, our remote technicians are the same folks that come to your home. We don’t outsource, ever.

Ask a question with remote support.

Ask A Computer Question

If your question can be addressed in a few clicks, it doesn't make sense to pay for an in-home visit. That's why we provide remote support. Watch in amazement as our technicians use secure software to control your computer from afar. Remote support is a quick and convenient way to resolve computer questions.

Use remote support to get software help from afar

Fix A Software Issue

If you're experiencing an issue with a program, software update, file backup, antivirus, or computer performance, we can often take care of the issue remotely. Look on as we get your computer back into action.

Learn to do more with remote learning and coaching.

Remote Learning

Supplement in-person lessons with remote support. Whether you need a quick refresher or you want to learn something new, remote support and coaching is a great way to develop your computer literacy. It's like having an expert guiding your hands on the mouse and keyboard, but without the invasion of your personal space. 



Some issues are best handled with an on-site visit. If the issue can't be solved remotely, we will send a pro to your door in a flash. 

Learn more about in-home service.